What is the Area?

The map below defines the boundary of the designated Neighbourhood Area for Charlton Forum. It was designated by Royal Borough of Greenwich on 22 February 2022 at the same time that Charlton Forum was designated. Whilst it follows the SE7 postcode to the south of the North Kent railway line, it somewhat arbitrarily follows political ward boundaries to the north of the railway line. It excludes some of the Charlton Riverside industrial area and some of the shopping area, but more importantly, it excludes some of Charlton’s residential neighbourhoods. This is why a petition in this area was submitted to the Council.

Neighbourhood Area boundary for Charlton Neighbourhood Forum as formally designated by Royal Borough of Greenwich

The area agreed by Charlton Forum, that residents identify as Charlton, is the whole of SE7, defined in the following paragraph:

Charlton is the area that starts along the River Thames in the north, with its northwest corner at Murphy’s Wharf. It then follows the railway spur from the wharf down to the A2 along Charlton’s western border. Charlton’s western and southern residential neighbourhoods head eastwards towards a north-south ‘central spine’ of the historic Village with St Luke’s Church and Charlton House and Gardens, with the railway station and Charlton Athletic’s football ground at the Valley down the hill and the large shopping area just beyond this. In the southeast corner is Charlton Lido and Hornfair Park. To the east of the central spine are more residential neighbourhoods nestled around Charlton’s green spaces, interlinked as part of the Southeast London Green Chain: Hornfair Park, Charlton Park, Maryon Wilson Park, Maryon Park and the smaller green spaces leading to the Thames Barrier. Charlton’s eastern border is with Woolwich, beginning with Charlton Cemetery in the south and then winding its way through residential neighbourhoods towards the industrial area north of Woolwich Road, ending again at the Thames.

Proposed Neighbourhood Area boundary for the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum
Neighbourhood Area boundary proposed by Charlton Forum, which includes the whole of the Charlton Riverside Masterplan area