Why a Neighbourhood Plan?

The reasons, given below, are why we think a Neighbourhood Plan for Charlton is needed.

A Plan, when adopted, will:

  • ensure local people have a genuine say in the future of Charlton, and for local planning guidance to be shaped by the community;
  • recognise the value of the area’s heritage, culture, community and education;
  • develop long-term, sustainable communities, that work on a local, human scale;
  • encourage high quality building design that enhances the local urban realm, and uniqueness of our area;
  • incorporate the principles of the Charlton Riverside Masterplan, while providing more detailed guidance, such as on building heights, location, design and massing;
  • build for the community, both existing and new, to take into account the needs of the people living in the neighbourhood;
  • get the right type of infrastructure (roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, schools, health centres, shops, playgrounds, etc) in place;
  • work with the existing business community to ensure that their value is recognised, protected and developed;
  • ensure that proposals for new development are managed through meaningful engagement with stakeholders;
  • be formally consulted on development proposals at an early stage, to steer good development to successful conclusions;
  • prevent the Council and the local community from being unduly dictated to by the financial targets of big developers. We want more housing, but not at any cost; and
  • hold the Council to account if it fails to represent the community.