An application for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area has been submitted to the Council and is now out on public consultation! You can find it on the Council’s ‘have your say‘ webpage. You’ll need to select ‘consultations’ and then our application comes up. Select this, and it will take you to a page about the application. There are details on this page (scroll down a bit) on how to reply, which is by email or post. The application documents are right at the bottom of the page and need to be downloaded. You can click directly on the email address and reply. Please respond to the consultation if you can – the Council needs to know if residents and businesses in the area are supportive of our proposals when taking their decision. It closes on Friday 14 January 2022.

  • Clare Loops talks to the Charlton Champion
    Our thanks to The Charlton Champion for their help so far in publicising the campaign, and for this article by Forum Chair Clare Loops… LINK: Make a difference to SE7’s future and join the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum
  • Website launched! Become a member today!
    Well, it took longer than we expected, what with one thing and another, and a global pandemic throwing us all for six. However, the website has finally launched and you can now read all about the plan for a Neighbourhood Forum in Charlton. Why are we referring to ourselves as the ‘Charlton (London)’ Neighbourhood Forum … Read more
  • Nearly ready for the off!
    It’s been a long hard road for everyone recently, and we’re no different. That said, we are now nearly ready to press ‘Go’ on this site and start the campaign for a Charlton Neighbourhood Forum in earnest.