• Forum AGM at Charlton House tomorrow!
    Looking forward to the second AGM of the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum tomorrow (November 19th) at Charlton House. The Officers will be updating people on the progress to date so far this year, as well as outlining plans for the year … Read more
  • Locality Newsletter: October 2022
    Always an exciting time here at Charlton Neighbourhood Forum Towers when the new Locality newsletter drops. This month the highlights include: A review of new research on how the Local Green Space designation has been used in practice; and Dave … Read more
  • Designation as Neighbourhood Forum approved!
    Charlton Forum’s application for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area was approved by the Council on 22 February 2022, although the Charlton Neighbourhood Area was modified by the Council prior to granting the designation. You can find the … Read more
  • Clare Loops talks to the Charlton Champion
    Our thanks to The Charlton Champion for their help so far in publicising the campaign, and for this article by Forum Chair Clare Loops… LINK: Make a difference to SE7’s future and join the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum
  • Website launched! Become a member today!
    Well, it took longer than we expected, what with one thing and another, and a global pandemic throwing us all for six. However, the website has finally launched and you can now read all about the plan for a Neighbourhood … Read more