Website launched! Become a member today!

Well, it took longer than we expected, what with one thing and another, and a global pandemic throwing us all for six. However, the website has finally launched and you can now read all about the plan for a Neighbourhood Forum in Charlton.

Why are we referring to ourselves as the ‘Charlton (London)’ Neighbourhood Forum on the site? Because there is already another Charlton Neighbourhood Forum in the offing, down in western Hampshire. Good luck to them!

On this website you can read up on what exactly a Neighbourhood Forum is, the area we propose that it covers, and most importantly of all, you can sign up to become a member. We can’t get this off the ground without your help.

1 thought on “Website launched! Become a member today!”

  1. Good evening

    I am Charlton Resident and I am an accredited Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediator . Could you add my name to the group.

    Regards Winnie


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